New Draft Mode Crashes, Bugs, Etc..

I see that a considerable amount of PBE players have problems with the new interface thus causing crashes when they enter the champion select screen, not being able to leave qeue, etc.. Not sure if it is a client problem - maybe some incompatibility with graphic cards or outdated drivers - or some script on the server side that's not giving the right instructions to the client. Ping shouldn't be an issue here since I play with 250~300 ping and have found no problems of that sort. In fact, my client never crashed. Anyway, make sure you all have **Adobe Air updated**, the **latest drivers** for your graphic cards and processors. I'm telling you this because my installation is new and before I installed this PBE client, I updated my drivers. This is just a hunch and might not even change a thing, but maybe restoring the client might also help.

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