Skarner, Shen... reworks for the purpose of reworking?

I feel really sad about the Shen rework. I really love the champion and I was kind of exited because I hoped for some slight changes on his W and maybe passive to make him more interesting - even to make the Q a skillshot and give it some other effect etc. would have been nice. Instead it feels like similar to the Skarner rework instead of thinking about the champion and what would make him better it was the other way round and someone said "wouldn't it be cool to give a guy a glowstick(I mean sword) flowing behind him? Yeah - lets put that on shen" - similar to how skarners "minigame" seemed to just be added for the purpose of it being added. Like another post stated, if you add "big visuals" like the sword which is almost as big as the character, it needs to actually play a role in the kit and not just like in shens case "I can drag it to me.". From experience (haven't seen Skarner in a single game since he got nerfed after his recent rework) you will probably not change it but I still would beg to not force fancy visuals onto a champion when the corresponding abilities are not thought through and destroy some of the best parts about shens old kit - the ally healing from his Q was unique, it was fun, it made him viable top, jgl and as a support and his new Q just destroys his ranged farming ability so no top shen anymore and his new W is not nearly as fun to use on bot lane as the old Q was. That's just how I feel and I still hope against all odds that the visuals get toned down and he gets some form of healing for himself and allies back cause I really loved that aspect in his kit. Why not throw the glowstick on an oponnent with his Q, keep the old ally healing component and he can drag it back to himself with W, providing a small zone which shields allys or sth? Or keep the old passive and he needs to hit an oponent with the passive-empowered auto attack to cause the ally healing? something like that maybe? Just more similar to his old Q.
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