New champ select

I really love this new champ select, especially the fact that we can choose our favourite lane before starting the selection. It will really help to know where everyone is going and also, will suppress the instalock problem. I also like the fact that when two people are choosing at the same time, the second one have to wait to pick, it will reduce the instalock and confusion problems. Plus, we can see an example of compo before picking and adjust it after seeing enemy comp. The interface is really beautiful and easy to understand. I think this new champ select is really good and will be a great improve for the game. But, I still think that 3 bans is too low, there are too many champs now and maybe 4 bans could be better. What do you think about that? Anyway, I love those new features and new changes for season 6, I can't wait to play on my main account, thank you Riot!
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