Sylas changes

Okay so with the new changes to Sylas I started to think about what type of champion Sylas is. I came up with 3 possibilities. He is either a Mage, an Ap bruiser, or an Assassin. He could be a mage with his Q poke and possibly useful R, who just stays out of fights as long as possible then jumps in only to clear up the fight, something like an Ahri, but less safe, but with compensation for this in a form of a heal. This playstyle (if this ever was a playstyle) got nerfed with the Q damage and late-game slow decrease. He could be an assassin, especially now with a 100% ap ratio on his E and an increased Ap ratio on W, but the W damage is actually a nerf because the "execute" damage got removed so te damage was lowered from 307.5 + 97.5%AP to 265+85%AP. Overall he still got a significant buff for this playstyle, although I think his kit is not fitting for this role. Lack of escape, useless passive, and an R that makes this playstyle quite unhealthy. (big AOE stuns on assassins...) Or at last, the bruiser build. He has nice sustain damage with his passive, an engage tool, which got buffed significantly, a sustain tool which got buffed a little bit, a slow, which got buffed early. This is a nice kit for a bruise, or more precisely a skirmisher/fighter call it whatever you want. BUT if the kit fits this playstyle the most and his kit got buffed for this playstyle, why are we ripping out mechanics that helps this playstyle (auto-attack reset on W, q+e combo, shield, which was kinda useless though). And why are we lowering his base stats? He has now adc level armor, actually got less armor than half of the ADCs and most of the assassins. The champion who supposed to fight with others. Yes sure his armor per level was increased to 4 but that doesn't matter until level 7, which means his laning phase against ad goes out of the window. but........ but his healing now procs against minions... And all this to force him out of the jungle... sure give him a heal! A champions base stats gets nerfed to the ground for burst damage, what he doesn't need based on his playstyle, a bunch of fun mechanics gets removed which makes him clunky but hey now if he has enough mana he can outsustain you in lane even if he just sits under his turret or he doesn't have enough mana and dies... Like what... why would you make the healing proc against minions, I want to play Sylas and fight with people not sit under turret like a god damn Vladimir, it's unfun to play against, creates boring laning phase especially with the base stats removed. I can't understand. A fighter that is encouraged to not fight on lane, but has burst damage instead of sustain damage, but no escape to be an assassin. Please decide, if he is an assassin nerf his R and give back the W execute and rework his passive or give him an escape or something, if he is a bruiser then buff his passive and buff his base stats and do something like all his spells deals 80% reduced damage against monster pre lvl 3. And don't remove the fun mechanics that everybody who plays this champion loves, or if you do you could remove them from Riven too, because she needs to get her "skill floor lowered"...
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