Mordekaiser: Feedback on Abilities, VFX & SFX

**Passive**: After 3 basic spells or attacks against a target, Mordekaiser deals 10 - 36 (+25% AP) + (1/2/3/4/5% at 1/6/11/16/18) max health damage per second around himself and gains (5/10% at 1/6) movement speed. Mordekaiser's basic attacks also deal 25% AP bonus magic damage. Cooldown: 5s **Q**: Mordekaiser smashes the ground with Nightfall dealing 75/95/115/135/155 (+50% AP) (+25% AD) physical damage to all enemies in the area, increased by 30/35/40/45/50% if it hits only a single enemy. Cooldown: 10/8.75/7.5/6.25/5s **W**: Mordekaiser stores 50% of all damage he deals and takes as a potential shield. Indestructible grants him the shield and may be cast a second time to consume it, healing for 50% of the remaining value. _____ Current VFX used when Mordekaiser casts W should be shifted to R when he has the soul of the enemy he killed. His W should be an actual shield. Q's VFX shape should resemble each skin's mace/hammer. The SFX for his old Q hits should be used when attacking to proc the new Passive. **Infernal** - make VFX yellow & orange, remove those green particles **Dragon Knight** - make his VFX dark blue-purple mixed with grey & orange **Lord** - make his VFX dark blue-purple with some dark green mixed in here and there **King of Clubs** - make his VFX golden with some slight white/grey tones **Pentakill** - make green particles black, brighten up the reds, add some more orange here and there Recall is bugged on all skins, as well as his head when he ults. All his skins should have a toggle to put on/remove his crown. **Pentakill**'s recall - he smashes his guitar and headbangs **King of Clubs**' recall - he's going to sit on his throne (similar to Championship Zed) **Infernal**'s recall - he creates a small erupting volcano **Dragon Knight** should be blue, grey & lots of orange; recall - he is feeding a dragon **Lord**'s splash art could be more dark blue/purple; recall - he's killing a tentacle monster; the skin should look like this:
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