Pyke ult.

**_Hello again dear Riot_** I'm here again to give you another feedback of the game.. this time, it's about Pyke ult.. I don't know if it's a bug, but.. in the description of Pyke's ultimate, it says this: the last ally to assist also gains full kill gold.. This is the part I've been getting some problems.. I've been using Pyke quite a lot these days, and got kills with my ult with teammates assisting me.. but it doesn't give gold to them.. I tried it so many times, but the Ally gold counter on the description is always at cero.. never gives gold to the last ally to assist like it should be.. I know this is an error, and it should give gold to the last ally to assist.. but it's not working like that now.. Hope this can get solved soon! Thank you so much for your time.. Summoner: ARG Reaper
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