Corki nerfs blow my mind if they go through given the ample feedback

Feedback on Corki & Xerath Nerfs
With the planned nerfs to the stats from Sorcery (which most of his opponents take) and the recent buffs to Fleet Footwork, I can sort of understand a tiny nerf to Corki. I certainly don't think it's necessary but it's not crazy. However, It's very easy to overestimate Corki&#039
-12 AD late game on an ADC building Sheen, Crit. and AS + an ability base damage nerf on a champion offering literally only damage in his base kit? The fact that these nerfs occurred in 7.24b with no comments make them even more incomprehensible. Vague notions of Corki being stronger in preseason due to MR changes make sense but ignore so much of what changed around him. Moreover, they ignore the fact that he was terrible in 7.21 (46.5% winrate in Diamond+) so him being stronger isn't a bad thing. I think you guys have a hard time admitting that he wasn't balanced in 7.21. Competitive inertia led to him being picked a couple times at Worlds. That doesn't mean he was OK. His performance was not seriously out of line anywhere (he wasn't a high ELO monster and nor was he picked or banned once at All Stars either). The [other threads]( explain everything. Corki was sub .5% banrate, ~52% winrate, 5% pickrate, 50-49% winrate late game as an ADC (even in Diamond+). He was simply a somewhat safe scaling pure damage mid laner (although he is not good at all if he falls behind since he offers nothing else besides what would be mediocre damage in that case). He was even a fairly good blind pick if the comp. around him could fill the CC gap. That by itself means he should have a decent winrate because he won't get as punished in his weaker matchups as much as some other champions would. **This is yet another reason why I suggested that nerfs to him shouldn't hurt his strengths but should instead make him more vulnerable in lane and to ganks (lower HP pool for example). ** Maybe I am wrong. I hope I am. I expect Corki's winrate to fall to a pathetic 48% in Diamond+ overall and 47% late game (where he's actually supposed to shine). This is my prediction for 8.1 if there are no indirect buffs to him. I'm not saying that every champion with a high winrate is good and every champion with a bad winrate is terrible. However, given the full context presented in the other threads, this would be true for Corki.** Pure damage kits are not resilient to direct nerfs.** Champions like Corki can't wall off melees like Anivia or pick someone in a fight like Malzahar. His viability is completely tied to his damage. This is why I think these nerfs are a huge mistake both in their direction and magnitude. BTW: I agree with all the other changes in the patch and am usually pretty happy with how Riot balances the game (except for maybe leaving some champion roles as second-class citizens - such as Kench JG or AP Kog). I'd also have kept the mana nerfs on Xerath but I like the measured approach so that he's not overnerfed. I wish the same careful thought process was applied to Corki. Yasuo indirectly nerfs Corki, Manaflow band was a popular secondary on Corki and Scorch was fairly popular on him too. Considering the way an ADC scales with AD (especially one building Sheen), these are not just nudging him down a bit. These are enormous nerfs... like the type you'd expect when a champion has a 57% average winrate. If I really wanted to nerf his damage instead of other things (or perhaps tweaking his kit in a way to offer some utility at the cost of damage), it would start with 3 base AD. The effect would be reevaluated for 8.1.
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