Few things about the champion select

So I'm just here to ask if there is a specific reason why they're making us choose 2 roles. I know to be a well rounded player you should play more than your main role and all that jazz, but, sometimes you legitimately are only in the mood to play 1 role, I realize this might make wait times longer specially for highly popular roles like mid or top, but, I wish it was at least an option. Also, duo bot lanes, we are forced to have at least 3 roles in our queue we can't just both queue as ADC and Support for the sake of guaranteeing we get our duo bot. This is actually really annoying when I end up with a support that I don't work well with or vice versa. Before I hated playing ADC if I didn't have someone I trusted to support me, feels worst now cause we all just get a role and saying can we duo bot isn't gonna happen now. Probably just gonna have to end up dodging if this doesn't get changed. In any case, I really just want to see if these 2 things could get changed, the purpose of this is to make a better experience or so you can specialize in 1 role and get good at that 1 role from what I can tell, but, this is making it very limited, specially cause this is gonna replace team builder I really wish 1 role was all you needed to go in. ty for your time and GL on the rift.

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