New End Game Stats for the New Client?

Would love to see some more specific stats. We have these roles of Tank, Assassin, Support, Marksman, Fighter and Mage but we get very generic stats. Could we have more sections that highlight how good you were doing your job? Tank: Damage Taken Damage Mitigated (Armour/MR/Shields/Damage Reduction, etc) Self Healing Hard CC (Total and Average while in combat) Slow Duration (Total and Average while in combat) Assassin Damage Done Highest Burst (Damage to a single target over a 1-2 second period) Distance Travelled Armour/MR Penetration (The amount of extra damage done due to your penetration) Support Healing Done Shielding Done (total absorbed, not the raw shields) Hard CC Slow Duration Wards Placed Marksman Damage Done Highest Hit Highest Crit (Can't think of much here) Fighter (Same, they are well covered as is) Mage Hard CC Slow Duration (Similar) A lot of this overlaps, and a good few already exist. But the point is you could look as role-specific stats and get a better idea of how you did in that role. But at the same time, you could see Tank stats for a Nami or Support stats for a Jinx, just so you get all the stats available.
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