[Launcher] - Server unavailable for four days.

Hi I updated about four days ago and as usual the server status had changed to unavailable. The update finished but the server status stayed unavailable. It continues to display that the server is unavailable four days later. I've logged out and back in. The first two times I re-logged it began the patching process with what seemed to be the same patch. It has patched once daily since and seems to correspond to the daily updates. I can use "thereisnourflevel" to bypass the unavailable status and play games, chat with friends, and change runes, masteries, and item sets. What I did before this occured: 1. I finished a night o' playing here on The PBE and logged off around 10pm est. 2. The next day I logged on only to be confronted by the patching process around 6pm est. 3. I waited at least 45 minutes before attempting to re-log. Which I did 3 times.
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