Reverted LeBlanc Q and the Sigil

So I've been trying the reverted LeBlanc on PBE now. The description on her Q says that the Sigil will stay on for 4 seconds, which it doesnt. My calculation says it stays around 2-3 seconds. This is further evidenced that at lvl 18 with 40% CDR, her Q is on a 3.6 sec CD, which should mean, with the 4 second duration of Sigil, that you should be able to proc the Sigil with Q (thus casting Q twice within the 4 second window). Remember, that a second starts at 0 at the application of Sigil, so it would be Q hit - Sigil comes instantly and starts counting 0-1-2-3-4, not starting by 1. If it however starts at 1, the real duration is thus 3 and should be changed accordingly. I am not sure if its intended that you in theory should be able to proc Sigil with a standard Q ability with 40 CDR, but with the numbers written, one should be able to. So either lengthen the duration of Sigil to actually match 4 seconds or change the description to match the real time duration. Kind Regards

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