New Dark Harvest Frustration With Application

New DH Proposal Feedback
info: I obviously haven't played with it but this is my impression from reading about it. It takes a scaling rune and makes it into more of an unreliable and overcomplicated mid-game rune while also greatly narrowing the viable users. If you wa
I've found myself unable to proc. DH on the desired target because it's no longer going off my auto attack. The live DH is surgical and feels much better for it. While I hope that DH isn't forced into being a purely assassin rune, it's clear that assassins demand precision and excellent knowledge of limits/damage output. The new DH can be clunky exactly when you depend on it. For example, let's say I'm playing a champion with some AoE such as Ekko and my Q randomly hits a damaged support who then runs away from the fight. With the new DH, I lose a stack that may be critical for killing a carry. It doesn't happen a ton but it's yet another issue on the long list of things I dislike about this rune's design (even if tweaked, the live stacking mechanic shouldn't be removed while slapping the same name on a totally different rune).

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