Toxic Players & Pre-requisites

Okay so lately I've had some issues with the players on PBE & lets just say good thing I'm not an emo kid. 1. Constant spam in other languages. (Player is saying the same thing 50+ times throughout the game in all chat.) 2. People refusing to communicate. (Being selfish going to the lane they want to go no matter what the cost is & usually int.) 3. Tons of people go afk & or rage quit. (They lose first blood or they dont get their way so they leave the game.) 4. Players on PBE in general are WAY toxic to the point even bug testing is obnoxious. I'd suggest raising the pre-requisites to joining PBE. Something like they need to be Silver+ & honor level 4 minimum with 0 account bans/restrictions & 1-2 years of playtime as well. I feel like just anyone is able to join since the requirements are so minimum which is making the PBE a horrid place to be.
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