TFT Item Drop ¿Do we have to talk about this again?

Again??? Should we really talk about this again? RIOT ... i don't want to be mean, but what are you actually working on? How many times we have to talk about the RNG? NO, we don't want random EXP drop that ruins our entire game strategy from level 1. NO, we don't want 1 Gold coin instead of an item. WE JUST WANT EQUAL ITEMS NO MATTER WHAT KIND ARE THOSE, WE DON'T WANT TO HAVE LESS ITEMS THAN THE ENEMY!!! IT'S THAT GOD DAMMIT SIMPLE!! Stage 2-4 Me: 2 x half items -> Enemy: 7 x half items -> That's 1vs3 items, i really don't understand you anymore... you literally do the oposite of what your players want. No wonder League went downhill.

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