IP prices and Eternals

I tried finding more on the first topic but it might be burried deep between the more recent threads. Question is, considering the recent additions in the shop, will skins no longer be available for 1 IP upon release? It seems that all the skins released after and including the Demacian Vice skins have only been available for RP and RP only. It kinda sucks now cobsidering the fact that you guys just released around 130 packs of eternals each being 850RP. Thus it will take a person around 2 months to buy and tests all of the eternals. Will IP prices resume on PBE? On the second topic: will eternal be released as an RP purchase on the live servers? If so, why? Eternals have been praised by you guys as being a way to progress and improve our playstyle with our favorite champion. Now you're telling us that said progression will be stuck behind a pay-wall? It will have a really negative effect on the community (already filled with a lot of negativity) if that will be the case.
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