New HUD rework [mockup]

So I did a mockup of a different design for the new HUD a few weeks ago and never got around to a different version. The original post can be found [here]( Let me know what you guys think. If you want me to do a rundown of the changes and why, I can make a diagram with arrows and pointers and bubbles showing the changes and why I made them between the original and this one. I also grabbed new icons in another in color from a new screengrab, which is why the original has all skins used and grayed out, and the rework has all unused/color skills NOTE: I play on live with the HUD at 30-40 size and the map at 100 size. This is why it is tiny. I know a lot of people make it tiny to maximize screen space and so do I. I wanted to make it like I would use it, obviously the size would be able to be increased in an actual game. You can catch me and chat at if I happen to be on, but I don't have a regular streaming schedule. **Original: ** **Newest version of my mockup:** Edit: [ As a version 7 you could do something like this and move the vertical space taken up to the horizontal space and separate the buff/debuffs visually with the middle panel. I still like v6 better, but some may like it. I did it fast because I was busy and didn't have time to get screengrab of the stats and such. Wanted to do it before I forgot about it. The main advantage is the ability to move the element around if that feature is ever added in. ] **Gallery of all of the versions:**
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