HUD/Minimap feedback and ideas

Hi! Please note that english isn't my first language so there might be some mistakes in the thread. Thanks! ~ Currently on live, from left to right, the important features we have in the HUD are (excluding the minimap): * Champion image + experience bar + stats (champion information) * Items + gold (shop information) * Skills + health/mana-energy-shield-fury-etc + important buffs (fight information) With the new HUD, the idea is to also bring in: death timers, ally champions ultimate timers/hp/mana, own kda/cs, time of the game, etc. Please consider that all the following ideas are my preferences on what is important to know during a game, coming from a diamond player that has played since the end of season 1. I have played about 5 games with the new HUD on the PBE, if it matters. 1. The time of the game should be on the bottom of the minimap, and/or at least be easier to locate. On live, if I want to know the time, I just look top right and there it is. In the new one, I have to look at the minimap and look up to locate _**a black rectangle**_, which is almost the same color as the outside of the minimap itself. This makes it harder to locate the time as fast as on the live HUD. If the time is either on the bottom of the map (along with the ping) of has a border around the black rectangle, it should make it easier to locate the time of the game. 2. I would swap the "ally kills vs enemy kills" with the cs count, and/or seperate the self stats (cs + kda) from the team stats. This idea is just to improve the ability to locate your stats vs both team's stats. Also, I would change the color seperating the minimap from these stats to the same one as the outside border (gold-ish) for clarity. 3. I would swap the champion/stats/experience to the right (where items are) and put the items on the left. I don't know, I always have the reflex to look on the left side of the screen to see my items. Also, by doing so, the experience bar would be on the complete right of the "middle part" of the HUD, making it easy to locate aswell. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Below is an image showing the changes I would make (I'm very sorry for the poor quality but I hope my changes are easy to see): 1. The time of the game has been moved under the minimap and has a slight border to locate it faster. 2. The "ally vs enemy" kills have been swapped with the cs and divided in 2 parts to seperate self stats from game stats. I also seperated the minimap from the stats over it with another small seperator (gold line). 3. I swapped the items and champion portrait + experience. Also, the stats window (crit, movspeed, armor, etc) would appear on the right side, so between the "middle part" of the HUD and the minimap. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have more suggestions, comments or any questions feel free to ask. Again, these are based off from my preferences as a veteran player to improve the speed at which we can locate the information we want, such as time and kda. PS: I love the new HUD, and thanks to all the people at Riot working on it. I'm sure the HUD will be great in the end even if it wouldn't have any of these ideas. I'm just here to help making it as awesome as it can be!
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