Teemo's future rework (Opinions)

Hi So i've tried the first version the reworked Teemo with him having camouflage And then updated one with stealth. And i've played a lot of teemo, not so much recently because i feel like his in a semi weak spot atm. Over all i like the new Teemo changes. The new stealth on his e feels quite good to use, would want the distance that Teemo can travel to be extended slightly at rank 1 just because how it is now is just enough of a distance to make him able to travel between the top brush to the second top brush . I've found that if i'm not careful enough to go in the right angle i might de-stealth before i arrive in the second bush. I have some mixed opinions on the 2 version of his new e. That Teemo now as a cd on his stealth is a good trade of for having a better overall stealth, there are a few moments where would want to re-stealth just after appearing from stealth but overall not that of a big impact. Camouflage E Pros : You could travel how far you could move during the duration, duration scaled with rank, self-slow is lower in early ranks Cons : always slowed while outside of brush the slow get slightly lowered with rank, is camouflaged Stealth E Pros : you will always be able o travel a certain distance increases with rank, is stealthed. self slow is removed at rank 5 Cons : Slow i considerable high at early ranks, can only travel a certain distance and not further if you were to be fast, So of those 2 i prefer the true stealth version, I did like the gank potential that the Camouflaged version gave you. I wouldn't mind if that's the direction that you're gonna go with. But if you give Teemo gets the camouflaged version i would really like to see him having the ability to get true stealth if he stands still in a brush for x amount of time. So you can still run into a bush while being chased and get stealth-ed. I might actually prefer that version and to try out how that plays out, if it's a bit too strong or just balanced enough, His new passive which increases the damage of his passive by 50% was a nice touch for him in some aspects and in others a nerf. Pros : You get more dps as long as you are auto attacking after q and going all in. you get more poison damage while you simultaneously only ranks up q (which shouldn't really be ignored, but it doesn't really feel as impactful) Cons : Teemo's trading in the lane phase feels worse, cause usually you would just go for one aa, or aa into q (maybe one more aa if you're opponent doesn't react in time) so in most cases you wont get any extra damage from his passive. I can feel these changes when i play with him. His q does quite a lower amount of damage at most stages of the game. In some matchs ups when you play Teemo you would max out his q and not his old e cause it would be to unsafe to stand still for the time it took to do q into aa. So you would only Q the enemy and then run away and repeat. That play style won't work as good as it did before since q does less damage. However if Teemo is matched against champs that he were already doing fine against he will do even better now, which might not be a good thing. Since Teemo was already weak against his counters, so making him weaker against those match ups probably ends up doing more harm than good. Now the **Mushroom changes **are both positive and negative, that Teemo is now able to stack more mushrooms is wonderful. The damage decrease is not. Pros: Can stack more Mushrooms at later ranks Cons: Does less damage The damage go lowered because of his passive now dealing more damage if Teemo attacks targets affected by poisonous effect. The biggest impact that having more stacks now is that Teemo can plant mushrooms right before a fight and still have a few for the fight where you would previously have to decide if you want to plant your or save them for a fight where you might need them, The damage of the mushrooms itself does feel to low atm. So i think it needs some power back. One more thing that i feel needs change is that the cd between stack of mushrooms should be lowered so you can throw out a mushroom in or just before a fight and and a additional one right after so it can bounce off the first one before the first explodes, this can't happen now because the time it takes to plant and "reload" for the next one is just a tad to high. This would be a nice quality of life change. So over all a Good direction for teemo, But i feel like there should be some number changes where his power should be, more power back in q and r is one thing.
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