Senna's Curse of the Black Mist (Visible?)

Hi, Did anyone see an opponent Senna activate her E? She's camouflaged but do you see her mist? She's right in the center. She could be aimed at from afar and opponents can see her coming. I'm wondering if it's a good idea that the mist is camouflaged as well. My request is that the mist can be more and more visible as she comes closer. Maybe the edge of the mist can be visible as she comes close, or the whole mist becomes more visible as she comes close. But perhaps the mist cannot be seen from afar? Does that seem good? Edit: I think making the mist camouflaged will make Senna a more powerful support because she'll hide allies' location. (And a better jungler.) As a support with camouflage for the team, the team could use infiltration tactics. Right now, her mist and herself is still a target. Riot, could you consider it? Edit: If camouflaging the mist is overpowered, I'm fine with the mist being visible.

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