press the attack sometimes feels like "hold the attack"

Honestly While press the attack in its current state is exciting, It often leaves me in a position where I have to choose to hold my attack to keep the threat/option of it open. hah! isn't that ironic? I'd like to see it adjusted - more uptime. IDK if the best way to do it is to give it 100% uptime, or reduce its cooldown as I level up. And I'm sure that as this is a buff, damage needs to be curbed. I'm OK with that. it's "press the attack" not "attack a few times and then wait in the back line for a bit" edit: examples of times it feels awk are, in lane where the sup is pokeable but if I attack him thrice I lose the threat against ehir AD from aggroing us right back. in late game the tank is close enough to auto but, I anticipate he'll withdrawn instead of advance, and I want to keep my rune available for the midlane about to dive on us. I have time for a third auto, but I can't take it or lose damage on their next dive.
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