RIOTERS, you should ban these guys not only from PBE but their original servers.

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Ok, so.. I was just playing as I always do and there was a couple of guys, 2 to be exact, that started to say things about my mom without a reason... I have a capture of a single moment but they kept saying things like that so that's why I am here posting this. One of the things you could clearly see is about the Jinx' guy saying "I hope your mom dies of cancer Leona" and then his friend Tryndamere saying "I think she already has cancer if you're......." I couldn't take more screenshots as I was really trying to play and avoid answering, just told them that I hope that they were enjoying their last games on PBE at least. Rioters, this is SUCH a common issue happening not only at PBE but the original servers, so you should really PAY ATTENTION when we submit reports about this, because I've submitted so many reports like these and NEVER had the notification that you did something about that. If you keep NOT DOING anything about these kind of things, then ALL the people is gonna start to be such an TOXIC persons as they clearly think you don't ban for those things...... Ok, so, hoping you do something about these 2 guys, let me upload the only one screenshot I took. [](
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