Players leaves new draft mode, now wait for the when it decides to send me back to queue

So this happens a bit, I'm sure people have seen, you get into draft mode and half way through or whatever time it is. It says "Player has left lobby" And all you think is "Ok then send me back to queue and start over" but it doesn't. You continue to sit there until either the persons ban timer ends or it reaches their pick and then finally kicks you. I think I know why it's there but usually when this happens the person has lost connection due to one reason or another that takes longer to fix than you get in a lobby. So I ask, why does this happens? I'm sure it's on purpose not once have I seen the miracle that is "Player has left lobby"... "Player has rejoined lobby" So please just end the queue if this happens, there's already so much other annoying stuff that happens in this new draft like "Not confirming pick/bans" then there's this we got to wait for. Just another way of saying "Ok wait some more"

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