Why is Soraka receiving such harsh nerfs?

Hello, are there any rioters here who could please kindly answer my question, because im confused on why Soraka is recieving such harsh nerfs. Yes, she is broken top, but she's definetly not broken as a support. She gets heavy countered by every meta support. She should recieve nerfs that will make her weaker top lane, but why nerf her as a support? I saw a tweet of a Rioter saying the goal is to nerf Soraka top and not affect support. So can someone please give some insight on why nerf her in the support role? I have been playing Soraka since season 5. I love this champion and nerfing her in the support role makes absolutely no sense to me. Lots of other Soraka mains agree with me. Can we at least get an explanation or what's the goal with this?
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