Annie Update

Frankenstien annie's fire would look cooler if it were colored green since it's a halloween spooky skin :D Annie in Wonderland: i love the cards and bubbles you added to her w! The vfx on r could use more oomph, something wacky and deserving of a legendary. Maybe more cards, roses, teacups, or timepieces exploding outward, etc. Also, the model looks *super* outdated for a legendary. We were told during the event earlier this year that older legendaries might see some updates (because people were upset when they got magnificent tf etc). I would love if ALL the old annie skins could get updated so they were higher quality like the news ones, but at least annie in wonderland, since she costs so much and has a really cool theme. At least it'd be nicer if she had ringlettes like sweetheart annie cause right now it looks like cardboard. Little red riding annie skin: It would be cool if tibbers looked more like a wolf.
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