Nexus Blitz 2.0 - Complete changelist

To prove that we haven't been slacking off over the last few months, here's all the changes we've made to Nexus Blitz since it's 1.0 version. It's like we got our very own pre-season! **Map** * Map art has been updated to be prettier and more polished using SR assets. (We still plan to retheme the map to something New/non-SR if the mode becomes permanent.) * Added a ton of announcer VO to tell you what's going on! * Map has been adjusted to increase jungle variance, reduce snowball, and enforce a longer laning phase ------ **Jungle** * Added a new middle jungle with a gromp beween the lanes. * There is no longer a river and Water walking will be swapped for Scorch (the river may come back if we make NB permanent) * Red buff has been moved down towards top lane. * Blue buff has been moved into the middle jungle to encourage fights around bot lane * Jungle XP and gold has been decreased over game time to account for the 4th camp * Jungle camp damage/health/resist scaling has been reduced. This should make it easier to jungle alone as the game progresses (jungling together is still important early and still gives bonus gold/XP for the entire game) * Gromp no longer takes bonus damage from single target spells or when CC'd * Wolves still explode because it is the biologically correct thing for wolves to do. ---- **Lane** * Minions now spawn slightly more often * Minions are worth slightly less gold and experience * Fixed a bug where minion global gold wasn't granted to people who were dead * Global gold from mionions and monsters has been slightly reduced (should help with snowball) * Minion late game MS has been reduced * Inhib towers have 50% DR until both outer towers have been destroyed * Added a 2nd nexus tower and decreased Nexus Tower Health **Events** * Time between events has been slightly normalized. * The first event of the game is now announced in champion select (pick Poppy) * The next event will be now revealed 30 seconds before it starts (instead of on event start) * Certain events have received updated score meters to better represent what is going on. * Added Arena * Added URF Death Match * Removed snowball fight Push the Cart * -Added a variant (Attack/Defend) * -Push the Cart now has overtime * -Standing in the cart circle is now guaranteed to stop it pushing Battle Royale * Circle center should no longer spawn directly behind enemy towers ---- **Rewards** * Added Battle Sled * Added Poro King * Added Statikk Shock * Added Mega Cloud Drake * Buffed Mega Ocean drake Regen * Nerfed Blessing of Blitzcrank missile speed * Removed Cursed Minions, Blessing of Caitlyn, and Brush Stealth ---- **Sudden Death** * Death timers are set to 15 seconds during Sudden Death * Nexus minions will now wait for each other near the middle of the map instead of pathing into the enemy base * Added new dope as hell models for the Nexus bois/gurls ---- **Systems** * "On-fire" buff now reduces incoming shields and healing by 15% * "On-Fire" buff now gives less mana and energy Regen * Death timers are slightly longer early and slightly shorter late. * Bans have been added to champion select. * MMR's for Nexus Blitz queue are now seeded from your normal SR MMR. This should result in games feeling more even right out the gate. ---- **Items** * Removed Wriggle's Lantern * Added Stat-stick of Stoicism * Added Innervating Locket * Force of Nature's % max health regen:: 1% >>> 1.5% * Heart of Targon and Philospher's stone GP/10:: 3 >>> 5 ---- **Champions** Akali HP 550 >>> 630 AD: 62+3.3/lvl >>> 65 + 4/lvl Armor: 23 > 28 Bard Fixed a bug where bard got too many chimes Lux Elementalist Lux's transforms are now easier to obtain in Nexus Blitz. Shyvana Shyvana now gains stacks of her passive when she wins an event Shyvana's passive now deals bonus damage to the Rift Herald and Nexus Mini

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