Clash PBE Test - Game flow Changes and the Clash Management Tool

[img][/img] **TL;DR Our next test will be focused on disaster recovery. We’ll be disrupting your first Scouting phase and sending you back to Team Creation. After 30 minutes, the test will continue with 2 Clash matches.** Hi, everybody! In our [last test]( we evaluated optimization efforts to ensure more reliable game starts. The results looked good and we’re ready to continue onto to our next PBE test, with your help! The next test will be more disruptive, as we’ll be checking some of the functionality of our Disaster Recovery tool. Please join us on Tuesday, September 11th at 16:00 PT for this test. **Registration will open Saturday, September 8th at 09:00 PT! ** **What we plan for this test** When things don’t go right, we have little time to respond during an active Clash tournament. One of the goals of developing the Clash Management Tool (CMT) is to help us recover from the unexpected and mitigate the impact to your Clash experience. **In this test, we will use the Clash Management Tool to Revert from Scouting to Lock-In. ** **What you can expect** During Scouting, we will use the CMT to Revert to Lock-in. This means you will proceed through the normal Clash flow up until Scouting, then receive a notification of the Reverted Step in the client, and your team will be returned to the Team Creation screen. The new Lock-In period will proceed for 30 minutes and teams will need to re-enter their bids and lock-in again. The test will continue with 2 Clash matches to play! :) **How to Participate in this Clash test:** * **Sign up.** If you need to sign up for a PBE account do that [here]( * Please note that PBE account eligibility requires that you are Honor 3+ * There is a known issue with Clash and brand new accounts on PBE. We recommend if using a brand new account that you complete or exit the tutorial and then refresh the session (log out and log in) before creating or joining a Clash team. * **Assemble a group of 5 players** and **register your team** on the Clash tab between **Saturday Sept. 8th @ 09:00 PT** and 16:00 PT on Tuesday Sept. 11th. * If you don’t have 4 friends on PBE, drop by the [PBE Discord]( and pick up your missing members! * Lock-In 30 minutes before the Tournament begins; **Lock-In will begin at 16:00 PT on Tuesday Sept. 11th** and close at 16:30 PT. * **Scouting begins at 16:30 PT** and will last for a minimum of 5 minutes * **During Scouting we will Revert to Lock-In, which will proceed for the next 30 minutes before entering Scouting again** * **Compete!** (you are guaranteed to play 2 games!) Important Note: As we’re playing on PBE, all skill-based matchmaking will be disabled. This means matches may be unbalanced, and won’t be like the full launch experience. We are also disabling the Ranked Eligibility restriction for these PBE tests so that we can reduce the barrier to entry and maximize participation. Please reply to this thread with feedback and questions or bug reports, and join us in the [PBE Discord]( during the test! Thanks so much for your participation and support! GLHF!
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