Feedback - Wukong PBE (Mainly Passive)

Besides the massive tentative mess that is this rework (pbe ability text not accurate what so ever), the new Wukong plays great! However, I have a few suggestions and feedback, mainly to do with the new passive. It should function and read: "After exiting stealth or brush, Wukong gains a physical damage shield equal to (tentative value) (tentative % of maximum health) for (tentative seconds). This effect can trigger every (tentative seconds). The cooldown is refunded if Wukong remains out of combat during the shields duration." Meaning if Wukong did not enter combat once the shield expires (didn't take any damage during the shield), the cooldown is refreshed so you can trigger it again upon entering another brush or using stealth. This does not make Wukong any tankier than it already does on the current passive iteration on the pbe. This is a QoL change and it's to fix a gameplay flow flaw, explained below. The words 'brush' and 'stealth' are very important and deliberate and shouldn't be compared to 'Unseen' (vision/fog of war) when it comes to triggering the passive. I believe Wukong's passive used to be the one mentioned above at one point during the pbe tentative process, minus the last part I added on. Before they updated the passive to give a non-decaying shield once triggered, a problem with the passive was that when ganking or roaming, you'd naturally want to enter bushes to conceal movement. However doing this actually triggered the passive way too early and it went on CD so you wouldn't have it for the right moment. They semi-fixed this by having the shield last indefinitely on you once triggered from stealth/brush (like a malphite passive in regards to it lasting on you until it breaks from damage). However I don't see this as the right approach and it damages Wukong's Identity (in which Riot worked so hard on I know). If the passive was to be reverted to my suggestion (above), it would fix the issue without it feeling like there is another champion with a sticky shield (malphite/rakan). I do like the physical shield passive, but it needs to trigger and work in a way that is unique and Riot had already accomplished that in the previous iteration.
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