Please read this and vote. Regarding Akali E. CertainlyT has done similar stuff before.

Dear CertainlyT (and voters), For the most part I like the rework except that the chasing potential is a bit lack luster. Since CertainlyT doesn't seem interested in the least about changing CD on ult or giving it resets. I would like for Akali to get some extras on her E that will let her adapt to situations better. What I will propose here is very similar to what CertainlyT has done previously with Warwick's Q to make the ability much better without buffing it's numbers. The fact that his Bite can keep him on the target when they use a movement ability and lets him land behind them (and fear them away from safety) gave so much more depth to the ability than a simple "Press Q to do damage and heal". ## I want the same thing for Akali's Shuriken Flip! E is the same as live (I mean PBE...) except it has 3 additional effects: * If you hold the E button down during the first cast (throw) instead of jumping back akali will dash forward and then throw the Q (extends her engage range in a way that is counterplayable and involves risk since she is effectively dashing forward to potential kill/CC zone of tanks, carries and mages) * If you hold the E button down during 2nd cast of E (dashing part) Akali will instead land behind the target not infront. (For some outplay options) * Lastly I would like to have more uptime on E before lvl 13/18 and full CDR. Something small like -2 sec CD per passive proc would be enough to get that extra shuriken flip. I feel like these changes would further increase her skill cap and make her much better at target selection and chasing. I don't mind some power going away from the ult in exchange for these 3 changes.
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