Re: Dunkmaster Ivern Player Feedback and Skin Changes

Hey all, Fairy Flan here. I’m a VFX artist on the skins teams, specifically the team that made Dunkmaster Ivern. I’m here to talk a little bit about the changes we recently made to Dunkmaster Ivern and acknowledge everyone’s feedback. Going through the PBE posts, Ivern main subreddit, social, I definitely saw a lot of feedback around the thematic that we chose for Ivern. While we’re really happy to see some players are excited for Dunkmaster, we know a number of you were expecting a darker thematic and we disappointed you. We do try and find the best possible fit for thematic and champion, but that doesn’t always mean we nail it for everyone. That said, you all did give us some really great suggestions for Dunkmaster Ivern and we took them and made some changes to the skin: * Fresh new coat of paint on Iverns backboard (and a new backboard in general!) * New asset in Ivern Taunt * New asset in Bush spawn on W * Amped up SFX * Clearer vfx on passive camp We learned a lot throughout this whole process and will definitely use all of your feedback when we approach future skins. We hope that these changes make Dunkmaster Ivern a better skin for you all to enjoy and really do appreciate all of your input! -Fairy Flan _PS - Sorry this post took longer than you’re probably used to, we were working on some Ivern changes! _
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