Why honor level isn't really going up and no one says anytinhg about it?

im playing like 15-20 hours a day and i do it every 3 days a week. i get alot of honors and usually next day i woke up with 2 key peaces. but im still level 2 from last season even though i get hundreds of honors and play hundres of games, i still level 2 and 2 box, without ANY grow. why is that? its my feedback, pls make it easier maaan, wtf? I remember in old days when this honor system came out, we were leveling up like once per 2-3 days and before you know, in 1 or 1 and half month, you were level 5... but now it seems like you guys took it to extreme... pls make it easier guys... we love you, dont make it hard for us just because you stopped giving capsules this season...
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