Potential Character Design Flop (Sett)

So like I'm playing Sett. I got in him in ARURF. So this maybe just because of the gamemmode. Anyway, so I'm playing Sett and I read his Haymaker and I immediately think, well, his damage from haymaker increases with more Grit, and Grit increases with more health. So I build Health. Well Health and Resistance to be precise, a Warmog, Spirit Visage, Dead Man's, Adaptive Helm and Tabi. Typical tank, was pretty godo against the Trynd. The true damage caught him by surprise. But here's where it goes downhill. During teamights, I would run straight into the heart of the enemy team to suck up all the damage so I can punch it out again. THEY DIDN'T DO ENOUGH DAMAGE TO FILL MY GRIT BAR. IT WOULD GO UP A TINY BIT AND THEN GO BACK DOWN. Why this is a flop is because I thought I could build tank to do more damage because of haymaker tingzz, but in building tank, I actualyl screwed myself voer cause now the enemy doesn't do enough damage to activate it. Uhm. AI'm assuming I'm just building him wrong, or it's the mode, but like this feels like a problem. Do I have a resolution for this? No, I'll let the smart people handle it, I just wanted to insert my two cents.

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