sooo the garen rework is a pile of shit

srry for the language, but so far thats just it. hes almost the same as on live only that his w got nerfed to hell and we dont have a villain anymore to make comback plays. things i immediately noticed: the reduced cooldown on the passive was supposed to help us to win sustain battles and play less under turret for the first 15 minutes of the lane phase. turns out, i still have to play under turret for the first 15 minutes, since my passive still constantly gets disabled by my lane opponent, so i didnt notice the difference in sustain at all. well there was a difference. the w resistances scale up so slowly now, and the cooldown is so long, that it doesnt alleviate the pressure i constantly get from my opponent and i just get pressured out of lane. even against matchups like teemo, the fact that the resistances scaled up a lot faster allowed me to start going from defensive to offensive a lot sooner than with these changes. {{item:1054}} + second wind + higher base resistances from the w allowed me to outscale his poke with good use of my w active after some time, while now it just doesnt happen anymore. so i have to buy myself into defense instead of offense just to survive and grab the few minions i can. on the live server, i can actually make **more** aggressive plays than i could do now, because the w is available more often, and provides the passive resistances a whole lot faster, and i dont nearly lose as much health to the poke in the first place. this is what i meant when i said his w is the backbone of garens kit. its the ability that makes his matchups less binary. yes, you basically have to play every single matchup like {{champion:75}} and stonewall until you scale. but after some time, you actually scale. with these changes you just dont scale anymore and still cant take fights. you just fall behind, have to focus even more on building defense and cant start thinking about a level spike and itemization where you play offensive. you cant make roam plays on villains to get yourself ahead or back into the game when youre behind early game. the spin itself didnt receive any noticable damage increase to make up for it, even going the attack speed shard and maxing the ability it didnt feel any stronger during the early game than it does now. maybe its just that im used to the old ultimate damage, but i couldnt even get squishies into kill range of it. is this even a net positive, after the nerf on the damage numbers against champions who dont specifically build magic resist? this felt more like a negative. i know this is literally the first iteration, but im highly disappointed that this just turned out as a gigantic nerf across his entire kit until now.
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