[SUGGESTION] Freezing a chat message

So here is a post taken from the eu server: http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/mVWxEIkw-freezing-a-chat-message I really ***NEED*** that feature, and will use it a lot if it gets implemented. Here you go: So I had this primitive idea, think it could be useful. *I'm usually not the one to respond to in-game [all] chat or just team discussions. But sometimes You really need to reply with a 10+word message.* *When I'm typing this long message, sometimes I get ganked or something really important happens. And then there's this dilemma: do I just press enter and send everybody a semi-conducted thought, or do I start deleting my masterpiece and just keep standing there for like 1 second.* *So my suggestion here would be to implement a chat-freezing feature, meaning that if you're typing something in a chat and press the right mouse button to move, the message freezes (doesn't delete) and the keyboard starts working as skill-keys, not chat message. Once you press enter, the message un-freezes and You can continue writing Your masterpiece/flame/rant on Rito nerfs.* *Hope that makes sense* I personally agree with this MarirusLTU character entirely

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