Gold Funneling Nerf Feedback

I think gold funneling is actually interesting to watch because of how it imbalances the compositions. One player becomes god-mode, almost like in One Punch Man. It's rarely a good experience to face it though because you feel like you're against an unstoppable machine on a ticking clock and you don't even have much you can do yourself to stop it. You depend on your team as a whole to properly counter it. Pro players have found many counters to it both in picks and strategy but regular players would probably need another few months to be able to properly meet it. The other issue is that it makes boosting a weak player FAR easier than ever before. Duo Q is already really abusive and cuts at the heart of ranked integrity when executed properly. The MMR penalties are fine for casual duos who want to play mostly for fun and are not using a highly optimized strategy with synergistic picks. However, if their goal is to climb the fastest and exploit duoing to the fullest, the MMR penalties would have to be so heavy that casual players would no longer be able to duo at all without all but guaranteeing a loss. Maybe the MMR penalties can increase as a duo performs better but really, duoing belongs in Flex Queue. Gold funneling is just the most obvious way to exploit duoing but far from the only way. The current iteration of the gold funneling nerf has penalties on gold from lane minions until a completed JG item if you're the most ahead on the team. This seems unintuitive and artificial. It's a very specific kind of rule that seems like a band aid approach. It lacks elegance and consistency with both the game itself and historical player experience. It's unnatural to expect things to work this way and it's also hard to be sure when it's active or not. The biggest issues I see: - Even more punished for a DC player when you have to hold their lane as JG and it's past the remake period. - Champions such as Hecarim, Jax, WW, Trundle, Poppy, Udyr, Vi and a multitude of others often want to delay their JG item and get an early Tiamat, an early TF etc. Some, such as Ivern, Rengar and Shaco may not want to build a JG item at all. The more a player snowballs, the less they generally want to rush a JG item. Thus, it meets both criteria for the gold funneling nerf to affect them. - It goes against fundamentally correct play such as shoving a wave for your laner after a successful gank or holding/shoving the lane when your teammate roams and you're very near (say both mids left and there's a large wave at the turret). There are countless situations where this change awkwardly gimps junglers and moves them away from proper team and macro play. I don't like it at all. it feels really forced and makes the game worse in every way except exactly as a counter to funneling. I don't think funneling has to be completely killed off anyway. That seems overbearing. The meta should evolve organically but funneling should be weakened so it doesn't seem overly attractive. If it gets removed completely, fine but not at the cost of the game as a whole and elegance as well as consistency. I'm not sure what a better option is to counter funneling specifically but this one is definitely not something I like. You could consider having a tax on gold/xp from lanes if a jungler has more than 30 lane cs every 5 minutes or something like that. This would probably kill smite as an option for other lanes though (which isn't really a big loss imo). I don't particularly like this option either and haven't really thought about it that much but the current iteration needs work so as to have no influence on anything else.
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