ARURF Feedback and Ideas (Balancing)

**To any Rioter that may be reading this, Take this to your leader! Show them the ideas and see if it can become an option for any of this to happen! I look forward to hearing any responses and would love feedback from a Rioter too!** When it comes to ARURF the main objective is fun. So with that said lets focus on what is and isn't fun when it comes to ARURF. For the most part everyone wants to play _their_ main. So having every character work in their own special way is great for the game mode. making sure some champions get the proper buffs and nerfs to ensure playabilty and fun _for both teams_ is very important. I have a few ideas I'd like to share and _hopefully _ have looked at by a Rioter for their own feedback. Lets jump right in. * _First, apply the same effect of **Poke Reduction** from **ARAM** to **ARURF**._ > **[(Damage from champions further than 1000 units away is reduced by 15%. Excludes ultimates and damage over time abilities)]( ** The idea is to help Champions that might already be in a losing match up due to the random nature of ARURF. By making hyper-poke champions less effective at further ranges they can be less oppressive to their unfortunate opponents, but still be capable of fighting at full force when they come within fighting range. I would adjust the numbers. * _Second, Remove dragon burn._ I'm sure those of you at Riot games already know, and are working on a fix for how snowbally Elder Dragon makes a game. At this moment, plenty of games are surrendered the very minute the dragon is won on a certain side. My initial fix for this is to remove the true damage burn it applies, that's about it. My idea here is that by removing the feeling of dying solely because of a burn applied via Elder Drake then you've removed the _unfair_ feeling that accompanies it as well, essentially the _out of sight out of mind_ approach. * _Third, Buff Turrets._* Currently, Turrets are the glass cannons that protect you until someone has built the necessary items or received the necessary level/ability to just walk up and shatter it. (_Think Ziggs{{champion:115}}/{{champion:45}}Veigar with a {{item:3100}}Lichbane, or Riven{{champion:92}} with E or Rengar{{champion:107}} with Q._) The issue here isn't so much the tower falling too easily (although that is part of the issue), but rather the tower can sometimes seem ... inadequate ... when certain champions can dive you without repercussion. ({{champion:11}}{{champion:7}}) I have 2 potential fixes for this. 1. One could be to just increase the damage and hp of turrets, or rather have them be rapid fire turrets like the _lone turret in Twisted Treeline_. 2. Two could be to re-add the old effect where towers grant a small shield and share their resistances with you after a few seconds have passed unscathed which of course decays after leaving tower range. * _Fourth & finally, Adjust Runes._  Currently one of the most taken runes in ARURF is Transcendence (and Gathering Storm!), which normally gave an upward 100 or so AP/AD by the end of the game. Recently it was nerfed and now you might be lucky to get to 40. _Nerfs_, feel bad to about anyone its happening to. Some feel healthy and some feel just plain unfortunate, If you understand the **[Loss Aversion Theory](** than you pretty much already know why. Transcendence and Gathering Storm needed to be readjusted, but as we know some champions are just unplayable in an ARURF setting. Ornn{{champion:516}} for example is one of the lowest tier champions because of his lack in scaling and heavy need to build tank items. But tank items in ARURF are less than good at best and terrible at worst. But with Transcendence and Gathering Storm, that Ram is a force to be reckoned with and could easily become a star of the team. With that said, Transcendence _needed_ a nerf, however it was _overnerfed_ in my opinion. With ARURF being ARURF, higher numbers and lower CD's are what we want to see. A better option would have been to buff other runes so that they can properly compete with Transcendence and Gathering Storm, to allow other champions to use their champion specific rune to create a unique gameplay. That's about everything I have to say about ARURF when it comes to balancing! If you have any Ideas or suggestions that are balance related post them below too. I'm going to make a separate post about cool features that could be added to ARURF to help solidify it being its own special game mode. Recently Riot has made a post about them going above and beyond with upcoming events so I'm excited to see what they do! **To any Rioter that may be reading this, Take this to your leader! Show them the ideas and see if it can become an option for any of this to happen! I look forward to hearing any responses and would love feedback from a Rioter too!** {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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