Please for the love of god

Stop this trend of grievous wounds, this is not healthy for the game, as all its doing is making sustain champs even more worthless, first mortal reminder....fine, then thornmail (one of the worst mistakes) and now morello gets it regardless (it was good when it was gated to just 40% or lower because it was a tool good for burst champs) like this is just getting out of hand, i feel grevious wounds needs to be on situational items (IE, for the ap variant, it gives you 60 ap, 10% CDR and grevious wounds at 2600 gold) because throwing it onto core items, is just a dumb idea (thornmail was a good idea on paper, but tanks are supposed to be countered by fighters with sustain, not tanks just pounding out fighters because they have no way to get through the armor and their sustain is worthless) The best way I can put it, Grevious wounds needs to be put on items that only scale well if the situation calls, or just remove it and balance around it not being in the game
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