Blood Moon Aatrox Prestige Edition feedback

Just want to reiterate feedback that others have given, I guess! (PS thank you Amy Sery, I didn't realize I could still make threads even though I couldn't reply to them) I'm disappointed in this skin. Based on Kai'Sa and Akali, I am disappointed it doesn't have any noticeable model changes, just texture. I expected more distinctions from this type of skin. Having a different splash & VFX is good and I expect those to continue, as well. I wasn't particularly expecting all Prestige skins to be gold. With Golden chromas becoming a common event item, this feels like an overlapping idea and I'm not fond of it. I also feel like both Prestige skins and golden chromas should be released at a slower cadence; some skins feel awkward in gold (the latest Tales from the Rift golden chromas don't feel at all special-looking, and the snowdown ones coming out also feel strange). A lot of that comes down to thematic, of course, but it would be nice if there was more distinction between events. When the Lunar Revel golden chromas came out, they felt like a fun feature of the event, but now they feel par for the course. I wasn't expecting all Prestige skins to be gold; I figured it was simply because the flashy gold fit the thematic of K/DA well. I agree that this could be a problem for future Prestige skins if it doesn't fit the thematic. Personally, I would like it if they were expanded to other color schemes so as to best fit the thematic, but if they continue to be gold, I would be more choosy with which skins get them. Including Prestige edition skins, I'm not sure if this is actually true, but it feels like we've gotten more Mythic skins this year than Legendary, which is supposed to be a lower tier. It'd be great if everyone could have a high-tier skin for their main, but there being relatively few of them makes them feel more special. For comparison, I wouldn't expect Ultimate skins to come out faster than they have been, although it's certainly would be possible to simply make more of them, thematic aside. In short: 1. Would like them at a slower cadence. Makes it feel more special. 2. I expect more out of Prestige Edition skins, specifically model changes. Everything else meets my expectations. 3. I would like them to be colors other than gold, but if this isn't possible, please think hard on what skins should receive them (doing this would also coincide with point 1).

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