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The item drop rate in TFT and the quality of the drop seems to be the main issue with according to my own experience and that of players I've asked in-game. For that, I would have 2 suggestions: 1- For every single monster to always drop 1 random item. Pro: Perfectly balanced in quantity of items. Cons: Everyone will have a LOT of items, always. (Not really a con, actually xD) 2- For there to be an item store by pressing the "P" key, which would also have an item building cheat-sheet. Items should cost a lot, like 15 gold each. 20 for the golden spatula, so that 2 golden spatulas cost 40. Pro: Does not change anything at the current item drop system or percentages and makes the game more reliant on skill instead of on luck alone. Cons: One new thing to program and it makes gold management even more important than it already is (which is not really that bad of a thing) What do you guys think? There is also the possibility of doing both at the same time. 100% monster drop rate with an item store where you can buy items for 15-20 gold and sell for 5.
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