Mordekaiser Feels Bad to Lane and to Jungle

After playing my main Mordekaiser in several matches top, mid, and jungle I have come to the conclusion that he just isn't fun to play in this new season. It doesn't feel good to win and it doesn't feel good to lose. Everything feels painful now. I never get to use my mace anymore. Top and mid are flooded with ranged threats that can not only out duel me, but also disengage any melee advance. Instead I am forced into the old Siphon of Destruction spam build. Why? Because Aery + scorch + absolute focus gives you a 140+ damage aoe cannon at level 1. So you spam people in the face instead of ever using your mace hoping that your crazy high damage poke is better than their crazy high damage poke. And so you poke for 6+ levels until someone finally drops dead. It is unsatisfying and there aren't enough bans in the world to stop it. Hiding in jungle didn't help. Mordekaiser's terrible ganking was somewhat lessened by his incredibly high clear speed, early duel potential, and sustain. Now the only viable clearing builds I have found use tank/utility trees. Monsters take long to kill and tank/utility options perform poor on Morde as a main tree. He's also more open to counter jungling because he has to spec out of early damage options. With adaptive stats eliminating Mordekaiser's ability to double dip into hybrid damage bonuses, ranged poke making melee engagement suicide, and the jungle just being the way it is overall game play is just not fun. Some Suggestions to make Morde feel better to play would be: * Make his Mace of Spades(Q) more reliable. The first point into Mace of spades should permanently set his base attack speed to 1 attack per second. He should be unaffected by the attack speed stat after that. This gets rid of his horrible backswing without worrying about the highest base attack champion getting some bizarre attack speed build due to attack speed scaling tweaks. * Give Morde his echo mace back. The three hits isn’t working out. Try playing a game with Press the attack to see how often he lands 3 successful autos. You’ll be disappointed. The single empowered attack that echoed out on multiple targets was really the sweet spot for this ability. Remove the single target component and make him a full-fledged AOE machine again. Less damage but more shielding. * Give Mordekaiser a speed up / slow down mechanic. Mordekaiser should get more movement speed for moving towards low health targets and low health targets should get less movement speed for running away from him. It would be like a mix between approach velocity and Tryndamere’s mocking shout. I think it would be a much better to add onto Harvester of Sorrow than the current exp passive. * Allow Harvester of Sorrow to work without an ally or minion. Mordekaiser could use the added single target and clear speed for jungle. * Remove the ghost on his ultimate ability to allow more power to be spread to other parts of his kit. Rework the ability into a proper execute that heals and over shields him for x duration. ******************************************************** For some added info here are the Rune builds I have used extensively on Mordekaiser. Other combos fell to flat on their face for me to mention: Sorcery –Inspiration -Phase Rush -Ultimate Hat -Celerity -Water Walking - Magical Boots -Approach Velocity Makes you fast, but not much else. Poor laning, Poor midgame team fight, no real scaling for late game. Being fast doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll actually land you 3 hits for mace of spades. Plenty of peel / disengage to stop you by the time phase rush gets fast enough. Sorcery –Domination -Aery -Ultimate Hat -Absolute Focus -Scorch -Taste for Blood -Ravenous Hunter My most successful build for lane. Delivers a lot of poke that really abuses melee laners and forces somewhat even trades with ranged champions. Landing E on a champion + minion wave make the trade completely free. No real late game scaling but can snowball somewhat. Inspiration + Resolve -Unsealed Spellbook - Biscuit Delivery -Future’s Market -Celestial Body -Iron Skin -Revitalize This only configuration I have found so far that lets you jungle fairly safely. Inspiration + Domination looked hopeful, but didn’t perform so well in my last few jungle runs. Your first clear is either wolves > raptors > Red > Krugs or Raptor >Wolves > Blue > Gromp. The wolves path is more desirable as red buff is better than blue buff for Morde. Futures market lets you compete your jungle item very early and then you tear through the jungle past level 4. The main problem is all the passives lose their worth around level 4. A potential plus is that you can build more offense early with the added HP cushion.
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