3 serious issues (and 1 minor one) with the carousel

Increasing in seriousness... **1. First pick length:** The minor issue is that the first pick at the very beginning of the game doesn't go long enough. I've now had three games where I try to run to a choice pick but have it stolen, so I go for my second pick and have that stolen. Before I can even get to a third, I get warped to my board with a rando. It's a good length of time unless you're going for the same champion, then you get cut off even when trying to move quickly. Even just 5 seconds more would help. **2. Recombining champions from the carousel deletes the item:** This one's been mentioned a bit by other people, so I won't hash it out here. **3. Way too easy to pick the wrong champ:** This is especially true if they're running away from you. It's obnoxiously easy to accidentally pick the guy right before the one you want. This can and has been game-changing (I missed a kayle to pick up a warwick, then lost only because of that kayle). This problem is even worse with... **4. BODY BLOCKING???:** I had it happen to me, and I've purposefully done it to others 4-5 times to make sure it works. If you get released before other players and you pick a champ, you can run freely through the other champions. Other players still can't move on top of you, though, so you can purposefully body block them to make them go around you when they're trying to pick a champ. Since it's so easy to pick the one next to you, I've ruined people's days by body-blocking them into a false pick. They usually rage hardcore in chat, and so far I've assured them I only do it to test the bug so that it can be fix. It will be fixed, right??? The possible solutions are many: Shrink the hitboxes on the champs or you (or both), slow down the carousel a bit, remove people from the middle after they've picked, separate the champs by widening the circle a little, or any variation and combination of those. This shouldn't be a thing.
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