My comprehensive thoughts about the revert of Leblanc.

So the old leblanc came back on pbe and here you will find my thoughts on what imo need to be change and what need to be keep. The passive, mirror image, gives to leblanc the opportunity to deceive her ennemies and is a funny passive to play around ( use it properly can makes the difference between a good and a bad lb). However, the fact is that the passive is the only "real way" to trick ure oponnents. Yeah, reworked lb ONLY in that way had more common points with the theme of " The Deceiver", with all the clones she could make. So mirror image is great and I definitely dont want it to get change, but i'm a little sad that its the only real deceptive speel of leblanc. The q and the mark are good. Nerf those damages seems legit to me because she gains much more with W. But last hitting creep with Q is really tough, I would put to it a little more damage. Either way, in terms of damage on champion, combo and poke, this speel is nice, good job rito The W gives leblanc all the mobility she needs to be qualified as an assasin. This is also the funniest speel in her kit to play with imo : damage, kite, burst, wave clear, this speel is so good. However, the 3 sec window snapback instead of the 4 is an hard nerf to deal with, I'm pretty sure all lb's mains are used to combo knowing they have 4 sec to play offensive, and now got trouble to deal with the new 3 sec snapback. I also have some difficulty to do what I did before : W in then do my combo and snapback. Its delicate, when u miss ure window of snapback after your combo, and then finish destroyed by ennemy team. The dash rapidity nerf isnt deserve too. It's slow, and sometimes it can be dodge with a side step. At high elo, i'm not sure lb will be able to land her main combo q w like before. In my opinion, you have to choose between those two nerfs, only keep one is enough to make the W healthy against and for Leblanc. Chains are ok ... the first application got it ratio nerf. It cost too much mana for no damage in early. Anyway I'm ok with that because the second application got buffed, meaning that ennemies must find something to escape from this or thats often the death. Lb's players now have to consider applying the root in much more situations, instead of just trying to dash q r and chain. I saw what you tryed to do here and this is a good point, Leblanc needs to get a little more exposed while trying to kill some one. For that, the link's range nerf is justifed. Now we come to her R. Mimic is a very, very unique ultimate and so much fun to use, wich also characterize Leblanc. So, why put a so long cd in early game ? It kills her identity , making that skill like any others ults. And Mimic isnt. I also had feedbacks from players who think that most of Leblancs nerfs are justified but the R doesnt need to be that long. I dont think thats what the players want. I'm not against put a "medium" cd on it like 60/70 sec in early game, I know leblanc must have clear weaknesses, but you have gone too far with 110 sec imo. Let's talk about the damage : The R slight of malice isnt that great, wich make the Q R combo less dangerous, even feed, wich is legit. Its consistent that Leblanc needs to apply the R mark to do her burst if the player chooses this combo. The R distorsion is good, damages are okay and its a cool speel to escape / chase an ennemy. The R chains are little bugged on pbe, I didnt used them so much but they looks ok too. Finally if any Riot Staff sees my topic, just know that I'm GLAD that you did this revert , I'm globaly really satisfied of this come back in term of balance.This is like a gift you gave me, wich made me have fun again in the rift with my main ... You know, after the Leblanc rework, it became totally stupid to play with her, I had 0 fun with this champ, even more after nerfs. Her gameplay was simply to land q, gunblade, waiting for the mark to apply the r and then one shoot. Sometimes you just have to let some champions stay what they truly are and dont rework them. Anyway I hope you will consider all players points of views while working on her . See you in the rift :)

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