why riot is so unfair

just tell me guys if this seems funny to you cause for riot it is garen{{champion:86}} : spin to win shaco{{champion:35}} : stay untouched zyra{{champion:143}} : spam ur plants ashe{{champion:22}} : spam ur E azir{{champion:268}} : infinit sand solders fizz {{champion:105}} : after max E no onecan kill him (and the dmg is insane) lux{{champion:99}} : infinit ultys and CC zed{{champion:238}} : he has shadows every where and vs malzahar{{champion:90}} ,kassadin{{champion:38}} ,neeko{{champion:518}} , ... ect just surrender or let them win the game cause its a lost CC+burst dmg and now we have the ones who cant live with the urf this year teemo{{champion:17}} : only 12 fking shroom ?? u kidding maokai{{champion:57}} : only 6 saplings why just tell why u limit those champs and not the others ? c'mon let us play teemo with shrooms and camping people now i cant even play they all focus the teemo and i use shrooms to farm and for maokai its not funny playing him cause u only use 2 abilities and ur ulty i allways forget the W cause i know it has a limit
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