AoE Indicators on Base Aatrox skin are too bright

The new ability indicators for the base Aatrox skin are too bright. They jump out a bit too much and distract from the beautiful new animations. They are BRIGHT red. On the Justicar aatrox skin the ability indicators are just right, an opaque dark blue. They communicate the area of effect clearly without being the only thing you can see on screen. I think it would be fantastic if the AoE indicators on the base aatrox were adjusted to be dark opaque red. Edit: After playing a few more games I've realized that what the person playing aatrox sees and the teammates of aatrox sees for the AoE ability indicators are completely different. For the base and justicar skin the teammates see dark red-brown and dark blue respectively, while the person playing aatrox sees bright blood-red and light orange respectively. This is a little weird IMO. I think it would be better if the person playing aatrox saw the darker color scheme his teammates see. It looks a lot better.

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