Clash PBE Test - Stalled Game Starts & Clash Management Tool **TL;DR Our next test will be focused on disaster recovery and VERY DISRUPTIVE! We’ll be deliberately stalling game starts and opening a New Phase for affected Teams to join. After the 30 minute Lock-In period in the New Phase, the test will continue with 2 Clash matches.** Hi, everybody! In our [last test]( we took a break from Clash Management Tool (CMT) testing to monitor an issue we saw in previous tests. We are pleased to have identified the root cause of that issue, and are ready to resume our Disaster Recovery testing! Our next test will focus on using the CMT to recover from one of the most extreme issues we’ve seen, stalled game starts. Please join us on **Wednesday September 26th at 16:00 PT** for this test. **Registration will open Sunday September 23rd at 09:00 PT! ** **What we plan for this test** We will be deliberately disrupting communication between some critical systems to simulate stalled game starts. This means some of the Clash matches will fail to start. We will use the CMT to add a New Phase to the existing Tournament so that teams whose matches failed to start can join back into the Tournament. **What you can expect** If your match starts with no issue, then you can expect to proceed through the Tournament with no issue! If your match does not start (again, this is intended!) then your team will have the option to Lock-In to the newly added Phase of the Tournament in-progress. **How to Participate in this Clash test:** * **Sign up**. If you need to sign up for a PBE account do that here. Please Note: * PBE account eligibility requires that you are Honor 3+ * We will be granting a final batch of tickets 60 minutes prior to Lock-In, so please be sure to create your accounts prior to 15:00 PT to ensure receipt of tickets. * **Assemble a group of 5 players** and **register your team** on the Clash tab between **Sunday Sept. 23rd @ 09:00 PT** and 16:00 PT on Wednesday Sept. 26th. * If you don’t have 4 friends on PBE, drop by the [PBE Discord]( and pick up your missing members! * **Lock-In begins at 16:00 PT** on Wednesday Sept. 26th and closes at 16:30 PT. * **Scouting begins at 16:30 PT** and will last for a minimum of 5 minutes * **CRITICAL NOTE:** Some matches will begin normally, and some matches will fail to start. This is deliberate as part of the test. **If your match does not start your team will be able to lock-in for the New Phase.** * **Compete!** (you are guaranteed to play 2 games!) **Important Note: ** As we’re playing on PBE, all skill-based matchmaking will be disabled. This means matches may be unbalanced, and won’t be like the full launch experience. We are also disabling the Ranked Eligibility restriction for these PBE tests so that we can reduce the barrier to entry and maximize participation. Please reply to this thread with feedback and questions or bug reports, and join us in the [PBE Discord]( during the test! Thanks so much for your participation and support! GLHF!
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