PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT: Pyke

https://imgur.com/a/cZFAnDc **PROJECT: Pyke** A broken prototype left to die, Pyke is a tortured soul created by the PROJECT Corporation. Fueled by revenge, he’ll stop at nothing to destroy the company that created him. **Project Pyke** is ready to execute his enemies on PBE. He has: **New model and textures -** Featuring a mesmerizing new take on Pyke! **New ability VFX -** Hard light weapons and abilities. **New SFX -** A cybernetic edge to his kit. **New VO-** Get a glimpse into the mind of a man driven by revenge. **New recall animation -** Summon your cybernetic serpent and port home. **New emotes-** Featuring snakes! Lots of snakes! **Project Pyke** is now leading the rebellion on PBE! Report back here with any bugs, feedback or questions that you have. **Project Pyke** is currently set at 1820 RP (subject to change).
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