Make every Skin purchasable with Blue Essences

Since there are problems with granting RP for months and we can only buy Skins that can be bought with (1) BE now, why don't you make EVERY single Skin purchasable with BE instead of RP? There actually won't be any need to continue fixing the RP grant problem if we won't need them anymore. But for now, it is really annoying to me that I can't buy the Skins I would love to use, because **I and other people get no** RP and can't purchase any either. PBE is less fun that way, I would love to be able to try out new Skins I might buy in the original Server if I'd like them, or I'd love to have the Skins I bought in the original game in PBE too. I am sorry if I missed something, I am kinda new in the PBE Server Thank you for reading <3
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