RNG, Items and More.

I have seen several Post today where people complain about the RNG in this game. Have you guys actually ever played Dota2 Auto Chess? I kinda doubt that. The RNG in TFT is way better and Fair than in Dota2 Auto Chess. I mean yea it happens that you get no items and others get 4. But that is RNG. Yea it sucks, I know that all so well. But it's a core mechanic of the game. And turning that into something that gives you static rolls, it will ruin the Random Factor. I have had my fair share of low items, trashy rolls and so on. But I still managed to get into top 3. Out of my probably 15 Games so far, I have won 4 rounds. Ended 8 in top 3. And just 3 in the Last 3. And 1 of my Wins was with NO ITEMS except from Round Robin. RNG wasn't nice to me, but with some good Bonuses I managed to win. Sometimes a 1* Unit that grants your team a buff is more worth than a 2* Unit who doesnt give or profit from a buff. Also Positioning of your units DOES matter. It changes the focusing and so on. Swaping 1 unit around can change the whole game. This game is solely RNG based. All YOU have to do is do good Micro Management through Positioning, Buffing and Utilizing the Items you have. I mean an Recursive Bow is more usefull on DPS Pieces like Draven, Vayne and so on. And not on Veigar or Garen. Think about that. Stop complaining about RNG. Or do you cry when you get 4 Items but your enemy doesn't? No you don't. It's the same in Ranked. If someone is afk on Lane ofc you take advantage of that. But if your on the recieving end all you do is cry. Stop that. Thx.

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