New Warwick Champie Icon barely looks like Warwick

When I first saw this Icon I didn't know who it was supposed to be. I had to look at the the title of the picture to see that it was Warwick. Because to me it just looked like a random dog if I'm being honest. Now that I know that it's Warwick I can see the correlations between him and the icon. I still do believe that it should look more 'Warwick-y' though. There's a key feature missing here, or else I would have been able to recognize him faster. You could - for example - add one of the tubes with the green liquid to the Warwick in this icon, since that's one of the more memorable things of him. You could also make him open one or both of his eyes and show the red glow of them to make him more recognizable. I just don't think that there's a lot of Warwick in this icon, so I hope that it gets tweaked a bit. Here's the new Champie Icon of Warwick:
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