Some Feedback on the Little Legends Client UI

(aka: Finally not a thread about bugs or balance!) Hey guys! So been loving TFT so far, definitely going to be playing a lot of this even after it goes live. I had some UI suggestions for the client! Specifically around the Little Legends(for now) My first note is that there's no way to tell if you have a 1, 2 or 3 star LL, this sucks because it compounds my later point Also no indicator when hovering over the icon Finally when you click on it and it opens up the menu to chose a tier, there's no way to close it and go back to the list. Combined with the lack of clarity on the icons, if I click something I THINK has a 3 star and I don't have it, I have to close the whole box, open it again, and scroll down to the LL I want. Finally there's no option to Favorite LLs It's fine now but should be an option in the future as you release more LLs. This is also an issue with choosing ward skins(for context I own like every ward skin released on my main account so I have like 50 and it's obnoxious) and though it's nor an issue right now Arena's could also use favorites, especially if you plan on selling Arena's(Like Wards and Little Legends) I assume these all use similar popup code, so might be worth looking into as a QoL change for the Ward selection screen. Mocks of ideas for possible solutions. Here I added favorites, I added silver stars for LLs with level 1 and 2 and gold stars where I have levels 1, 2, and 3. Finally I added a tiny X in the upper right so you can go back to the full list. Anyway, hopefully this feedback is useful, Thanks for listening! See everyone on the...
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