Aatrox needs work.

This is a copy-pasta from my boards post in NA. DISCLAIMER: Obviously this is on the PBE so game quality might not be the best. The Aatrox that is currently available to test on the PBE is bad/weak. While he looks badass and feels badass he has some major flaws that make him basically unplayable against any decent player (in the top lane at least, I have not tested jungle). Let's get straight to the issues. While he wants to be 'Riven 2.0' he behaves much more like 'Riven 0.5' in that, his ENTIRE damage output comes from his Q and passive yet is remarkably much more difficult and clunky to get his full combo off. First off, let's talk about his q - it's SLOW, has a 1.0 second delay per cast between each Q, has a long drawn out animation and the varying ranges in which you have to optimally cast make it almost impossible to land all three q's without AMAZING positioning from his short dash (his E). Oh, and it also self-roots you. For his bread and butter ability, it also doesn't do ENOUGH damage and is very hard to land. While I'm no balance expert, I definitely feel this skill needs to be looked at in further detail because as a 'juggernaut' with 1 damage ability, it just doesn't do enough. A suggestion I can think of and have discussed with other Aatrox mains include making it more consistent with its 3 casts (making the range shorter/easier to land all three) as well as reducing the delay between cast and animation. I feel this will be a healthier change to the skill without simply raising its damage values. Now, onto his passive. It's nice on paper. It has the potential to seriously chunk someone BUT and this is a big BUT... it's on a 25 second cooldown scaling down with ability casts when his abilities have decently long cooldowns to begin with. Most of the time, it won't be up and ready to use against an enemy champion and similarly to Kled's W strikes, will be used up unwillingly a lot of the times against minions. I think lowering the cooldown on this is a must as well as adjusting the damage values on this ability to compensate. I'd rather it hits for a bit softer and be up more often so you can actually use it then wasting or being forced to hold off from being able to last hit because you want to harass the opponent. OR, make it like a sheen proc so it only activates after using an ability. As for the rest of the kit, I feel they work fine for the most part but I'll probably have to re-evaluate after there are some changes for the current kit. Right now Aatrox can neither hit like a juggernaut without heavily investing into offense (making him much more squishy and assassin-esque) or stick onto a target like a juggernaut because he seriously lacks stickiness which ironically, is one of the issues current Aatrox has as well. tl;dr - New Aatrox lacks a lot of things and is probably in need of buffs/changes. He can't duel anyone at the moment and lacks components that make him a true juggernaut while also losing parts of his kits that allowed him to play as a diver/disruptor. His Q ability and passive needs a serious look over because they are his main damage components and for a juggernaut that only has damage, are quite lacking. Please don't let this be 'light rework' Aatrox all over again. Sincerely, An ACTUAL Aatrox main that has high hopes. P.S - Thank you all for the comments and feedback, I hope this will help the Devs highlight the potential issues Aatrox may have.
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